What is a burrito? Where does it come from?

A burrito is a traditional Mexican warp made of with fresh ingredients like meat, salsa, salads, and sauces inside a tortilla.

Is Burrito Madre a fast food restaurant?

No, it isn’t. Burrito makes food fast for our customers, but some ingredients are slow cooked.

Is a burrito a spicy?

Not necessarily. You choose what to put inside your burrito so you can make it to your taste. If you like spicy, then ask for spicy ingredients! 🙂

Are the lemonades made with fresh lemons?

Yes. Every morning the lemons are squeezed and we add other fresh fruit to make a variety of lemonade flavors. We don’t use artificial colors or ingredients.

Can everyone eat a burrito, including people with dietary restrictions?

Absolutely. You can choose only vegan ingredients to add to your burrito. You build your burrito with ingredients of your choice. If you’re unsure about an ingredient, feel free to ask our friendly counter staff for help.

Can I order my burrito on the phone for pick up?

Yes. Call the number on our website to order your burrito, which will be prepared and ready for you at our restaurant.

Is a burrito vegan food?

It can be. We offer vegan ingredients and a vegan menu.


I want to work with you. How can I apply for a job?

You can send your cv to this email address,
or you can fill out an application on our Careers page.

What happens when I become a member of your team?

If you become an employee you have an opportunity to build career. In addition to that, you receive benefits like health insurance, professional development, the possibility to progress with promotions, your uniforms ( two t-shirts, two blouses and a cap) , a meal in the restaurant every day you work, extra discounts for food and drinks in all our restaurants, (discount on food and drink in Burrito Madre even you are not at work then, also you get discounts in at Toro, Ambar and Mala Fabrika Ukusa), a staff party (this is a party for all our employees in all our restaurants).

What’s expected of me as a member of your team?

We want to develop together. We want you to be ambitious enough and desire to make progress on our team. Also you should work hard, be dedicated and show your loyalty. We recognize your potential, work and dedication towards our shared goals.

How can I contribute to the development of your company, if I became an employee?

From our point of view, employees are a very important resource. We invest in them and we try to prosper together. Every employee is important to us and an essential part of our organization. Every employee has their own energy, enthusiasm, and motivation for learning and working. Together, by continually working within our values we can achieve great goals. You should recognize your strengths and use them to work well, you’ll quickly see how a job with us can be an interesting journey.

How will you invest in me in the long term?

We pay attention to your daily progress. Besides initial training we also offer professional development opportunities so that we can advance together over the long term.

How much time does it take tobe promoted?

It depends on you. If you work hard, display your knowledge, confidence, and you have a wish to stay on our team, then it may take no time at all. You should be a hard–working employee and display your virtues. It’s our job to recognize the work you’ve put in. Welcome to the Burrito Madre family!

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