Burrito Madre is one of the first fast casual restaurants to offer visitors fast, healthy food.

This fast casual restaurant launched in 2014 with the aim of showcasing the modern flavors in latin-american cuisine, and to offer a healthy alternative to fast food.

Our food is based on the recipes and concepts of world famous chef, Richard Sandoval. It has its foundation in natural, healthy ingredients bought fresh daily. We never store unused ingredients. You choose your own ingredients and our helpful staff assembles them in a fresh tortilla or bowl for you.


1. Our concept

Our concept is fresh, healthy fast food that rivals the quality of a sit-down restaurant. We understand the
growing and production side of the food industry, and ensure that our ingredients are the best they can be.
We believe consumers should be able to taste our attention to freshness at the first bite.

2. Our food

All the ingredients we use to make our food are bought in local shops. We choose only top quality ingredients
from providers who share our passion about food. By buying local foods we support both our local economy and
all the hard-working people who care for the quality of food.

3. Our process

We put a lot of thought to choosing ingredients so that we can provide fast service.
Our knowledge of freshness, production, and food storage
is evident in the quality product with offer to the public.

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